Information on single sex and co-educational secondary schools

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From: David Farrar

Dear Ministry of Education,

I am seeking information about single sex secondary schools in New Zealand. Specifically the information I seek is:

1) How many public (so excluding private and integrated) secondary schools are there in NZ, and how many are co-educational, how many are boys only and how many are girls only.

2) In each calendar year since 1990 (or later if 1990 is not possible) how many new public secondary schools were established in that year, and how many were co-educational, boys only and girls only.

3) In the latest calendar year, what was the overall percentage of male school leavers who achieved university entrance and female school leavers who achieved university entrance broken down by whether they attended a co-educational school or a single sex school. Preferably this would be for public schools only, but if this is too difficult, for all schools would do.

4) The data in (3) broken down by decile so the overall percentage of male and female school leavers from decile 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 public schools who achieved university entrance broken down by whether they attended a co-educational school or a single sex school.

Yours faithfully,

David Farrar

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From: Enquiries National
Ministry of Education

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Tēnā koe mō tō īmēra mai ki te Tāhuhu o Thank you for your email to the
te Mātauranga. Ministry of Education.


He urupare aunoa tēnei hei whakaatu kua This is an auto generated response
tae mai tō īmēra confirming your email has been
ki a mātou. Kaua noa e whakautu i tēnei received. Please do not respond to this
karere. message.


Mea ake nei ka urupare tonu atu mātou ki We will respond to your email as soon
tō īmēra. as possible.



Ngā mihi, nā

Tīma Whakaui ā-Motu / Enquiries National Team

Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga / Ministry of Education

Mātauranga House
33 Bowen St, Wellington


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From: Enquiries National
Ministry of Education

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Dear David Farrar


Thank you for your request for information below. The Ministry will
consider and respond to your request in accordance with the Official
Information Act 1982 (the Act).


The Act allows up to 20 working days for a response, making 25 January
2021 the latest date for our response to you.  If more than 20 working
days are needed due to the potential workload involved in answering your
request, we will notify you accordingly.

Under the Official Information Act (see definition of “working day” in
section 2), the period between 25 December – 15 January are not considered
to be “working days” for the purposes of calculating the 20 working day
timeframe for proving a response under the Act. 


Please note, the Ministry may publicly release on our website the response
to your request five days after you have received it. Any personal
information will be removed.


In the interim, if you have any questions about your request, please email
[1][email address].


Kind regards



Enquiries National Team | Ministry of Education | TW
33 Bowen St, Wellington

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From: Beatrice Wooding
Ministry of Education

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Kia ora David,


Please see the below directions for where to locate the data for your


1) The NZ Schools Directory, found [1]here, can be filtered by school
authority and school gender.


2) There is a list of school closures, mergers, and openings in a ZIP file
downloadable [2]here, this goes back to 2004.


3 and 4) There is a pivot table downloadable on [3]this page, called
‘School leavers (2009-2019)” which will allow for disaggregation of
students highest attainment upon leaving school by student gender, school
gender, school decile, and school authority.


Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the data
or the use of pivot tables.

Meri kirihimete

Bea Wooding | Analyst | Kaitātari Tono Kōrero
EDK Information Requests | Pā Tono Kōrero o Te Puna Mōhiotanga
DDI +6444637906

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Luke C left an annotation ()

Are you able to add the links to the datasets?

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From: David Farrar

Dear Beatrice Wooding,

Thanks for your response. The URL links didn't come through. Can you reply with them again or alternatively send them directly to me at [email address] if there is a problem including them in an FYI response.

Yours sincerely,

David Farrar

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Mark Hanna left an annotation ()

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