Number of Students Awaiting Disciplinary Committee Responses

C. McCormick made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

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From: C. McCormick

Dear University of Auckland,

Under the Official Information Act, we request the following information regarding decisions of the Disciplinary Committee relating to exams taken by students in Semester One 2020:

(1) Confirmation of the number of students who have been referred to the Disciplinary Committee for allegations of plagiarism and/or academic misconduct.

(2) A breakdown as to how many students have been found guilty of plagiarism and/or academic misconduct (all classifications), and how many have been found not guilty.

(3) The number of appeals made by students against a finding of plagiarism and/or academic misconduct.

(4) The number of students who are awaiting decisions of their initial hearing, or of their appeal, at the time of your response to this request.

Yours Faithfully,

B. H. Monk

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