Information on requesting COVID Tracer App QR code exemption

David Robinson made this Official Information request to Wellington Regional Council

The request was successful.

From: David Robinson

Dear Wellington Regional Council,

Can you please provide all information which formed the decision to request an exemption from providing COVID Tracer App QR Code posters on public transport.

Can you please include documents which document:
1. The reasons for requestion the exemption
2. Any risk assessments performed to support this decision
3. Any privacy impact assessments performed to support in this decision
4. Any health advice received to support in this decision
5. Any correspondence with the Ministry of Health on the exemption process
6. Any reviews, reassessments, performed after the receiving the exemption

Yours faithfully,

David Robinson

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From: Darrell Young
Wellington Regional Council

Dear David,


Acknowledgement of Request for Information under the Local Government
Official Information and Meetings Act 1987


Thank you for your email dated 24 August 2020, requesting information
regarding the COVID Tracer App QR code exemption.


Your request is being followed-up and a reply will be sent to you within
20 working days of the request being received.


Yours sincerely,


Darrell Young




Luke Troy



Greater Wellington Regional Council




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From: Margaret Meek
Wellington Regional Council

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Hello David


Thank you for your email.  Metlink has not requested an exemption to
provide QR tracer codes on public transport.  Below is an excerpt from a
report which was presented to our Council on 20 August 2020:

Safety measures at Alert Level 2

Contact tracing

20.          Metlink has been working with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
(Waka Kotahi), Snapper and the Ministry of Health in regard to contact
tracing solutions across public transport services. The objective of these
discussions has been to make sure Metlink is able to offer the best
contact tracing solutions across all modes of transport and supports the
Ministry of Health contact tracing requirements.

21.          Metlink has several methods available to support contact
tracing of customers. These are:

a.       Snapper ticketing system on our bus fleet. Snapper requires
passengers to ‘tag on and tag off’. To effectively trace a passenger by
name the Snapper card needs to be registered by the individual. Currently,
just over 50 % of Snapper cards are registered.

b.       In addition, unregistered cards are able be used in contact
tracing efforts as it is possible to determine where the card has been
used, but not who owns the card. This is useful in understanding the
movements of people across the entire journey. Currently, just over 75% of
the Metlink bus patronage use Snapper cards, with a number of routes
nearing 90% or thereabouts.

c.       Quick Response (QR) codes have been installed on all rail and
ferry services in the Metlink network. QR codes on rail have been trialled
using a minimum and maximum spread across the carriages and, as a result
of the trial, the QR codes were installed using the maximum spread. This
means that there is a QR code within approximately 1 metre of every seat.

d.       Each service also has an orange capacity poster at the entrance
door showing the service/vehicle/vessel number so that customers can
manually record their trip data (Attachment 1). Many vehicles also have
the Government COVID-19 ‘contact tracing’ poster as well.

22.          Messaging across the network encourages all passengers to
‘track their journey’ by one of the above methods.


Note that following Government direction,  we are now in the process of
arranging for QR codes to be installed on our bus fleet.


A full copy of the report can be found at:


I trust that this information responds to your request.  Please let me
know if you require further information.






Margaret Meek

Kaitohutohu | Business Advisor
T 04 830 4393
L2, 15 Walter St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011 | PO Box 11646, Manners St,
Wellington 6142  

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Subject: FW: Official Information request - Information on requesting
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