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From: john luke

Dear Pharmaceutical Management Agency,

I noted on your website:

The minutes listed on the website are not up to date, many minutes only have it to 2018 or even 2017, most recent minutes are not published.

To ensure transparency and public access to the information, I would like to request you to send me all the up to date minutes you have for all your ptac-subcommittees listed on your website, from 2017 to now.
Also I would encourage you to upload these minutes to your website to ensure public access to these information.

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: Web Enquiry
Pharmaceutical Management Agency

Thank you John.

PTAC subcommittees meet only as required, rather than following a set schedule.

Once a subcommittee’s advice has been reviewed by PTAC, minutes of the meeting will be published on this website in accordance with the PTAC Terms of Reference. PHARMAC endeavours to have clinical advice records published within 70 business days of a meeting. Currently only meetings within the 70 business day time period are not published on PHARMAC website. These records will be uploaded to the website when finalised; they are currently on target to meet our 70 business day timeframe.

The webpages for PTAC records and PTAC Subcommittees show the all the meeting records that have been finalised for publication. Please note PHARMAC may withhold all or part of record when it holds commercially sensitive information.

I hope this is useful.

Kind regards


Susan Robertson I Government Services Policy Adviser I Policy Team
PHARMAC | Te Pâtaka Whaioranga | PO Box 10 254 | Level 9, 40 Mercer Street, Wellington
DDI: +64 4 830 6201 | P: +64 4 460 4990 | M: +64 021 846 800 |

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From: Web Enquiry
Pharmaceutical Management Agency

Attachment 2020 21 015 2020 08 10 PTAC subcommittees minutes Response.pdf
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Kia ora John


Please find attached to this email a response to your OIA request
2020-21-015 dated 14 July 2020.


Ngā mihi



Melody Willis | Government Services Policy Advisor


PHARMAC | Te Pātaka Whaioranga | PO Box 10 254 | Level 9, 40 Mercer
Street, Wellington

P: +64 4 460 4990 | [1]


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