Request to amend the OIA

George Morrison made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was successful.

From: George Morrison

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Please provide me with information held on the request made to the ombudsman to suspend/amend the OIA, including job titles of those who made the request (reference:

Yours faithfully,

George Morrison

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From: correspondence, official
Ministry of Justice

Kia ora Mr Morrison,

The Ministry of Justice acknowledges receipt of your Official Information Act request for information on the suspension/amendment of the OIA. Your request was received on 26 May 2020.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in both acknowledging your request and also that your request is now overdue for response, due to an administrative oversight.

You have the right to complain to the Office of the Ombudsman about the delay. They may be contacted on email [email address].

The Ministry will respond as soon as possible.

Ngā mihi,
Jan Morison
Team Leader | Ministerial Relations and Services Strategy, Governance and Finance DDI 04 4662188 Level 4 Justice Centre | Aitken Street DX Box SX 10088 | Wellington [email address] |

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Mr Rodgers left an annotation ()

There wasn't a request to the Ombudsman to suspend/amend the OIA. (He couldn't in any case).

Instead, officials asked the Ombudsman's office what they thought about a proposal to suspend/amend the OIA. A totally different thing.

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From: Kauri, Ariana
Ministry of Justice

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Kia ora Mr Morrison,


Please see attached the response to your Official Information Act request
relating to the OIA.


Kind regards



[1]Description: Description: Description: Ariana Kauri
Media Advisor | Communications
Ministry of Justice | Tāhū o te
P DDI 04 466 2943 | Ext 40343
[2][email address]
| [3]



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