IRD PIR Refunds/Tax, accountability/oversights at the IRD and 2018 Costs for Marketing etc.

Mr M P Ross made this Official Information request to Inland Revenue Department

The request was partially successful.

From: Mr M P Ross

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

I've noted in the 2019 Wellness Budget, The Inland Revenue Department this year is receiving approximately $7,046,000,000 in "funding" from taxpayers of this country, to manage your core services such as tax collection, of taxpayers hard earned money.

It was reported today that "450,000 people have been paying the wrong rate of tax on their KiwiSaver accounts and other managed funds". (

Under the Official Information Act 1982, I request the following questions to be answered.

1) Who is/are responsible at the IRD for this gigantic mistake/oversight above?
2) Have the IRD been "asleep at the wheel" in regards to this issue, whilst receiving billions of dollars a year to collect tax, from taxpayers in this country?
3) Who is/are going to be held accountable for this (Q1) at the I.R.D. ?
4) Are they (in Q3) going to be dismissed from their employment with the Inland Revenue Department?
5) Will people that have paid too much tax in terms of PIR, get refunded by the I.R.D.
6) Could overpayment and then non refund/repayment be classed as Theft by a Government department, in this case, by the Inland Revenue Department?
7) Does the I.R.D. believe in a fair tax system, where you should only pay the tax that you are required to? If people make mistakes and pay too much tax, should they be refunded?
8) How much money did the Inland Revenue Department spend on Marketing (Events / TV/ Radio/Social Media/Newspapers/Magazines/Billboards/Mail Drops/Influencers /etc) in 2018?
9) How much money did the Inland Revenue Department spend on Alcohol in 2018
10) How much money did the Inland Revenue Department spend on Food in 2018
11) The number of employees dismissed from the IRD for Misconduct in the last 5 years and their role in the organisation.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M P Ross

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T Edwards left an annotation ()

Thank you for taking the lead with this. You read my mind. It’s abhorrent that we’re expected to be accountable for this. IRD are capable of finding the people who have been paying the wrong tax, but who is responsible for telling people that this was required?

Question three of your request could be considered as asking for opinion. Agencies aren’t obligated to form an opinion to answer your request, so you might wish to reword it, but obviously up to you. Looking forward to the reply.

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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department


Good afternoon

Thank you for your request made under the Official Information Act 1982. We will respond to your request within 20 working days from the date of receipt.

Kind regards,

Government & Executive Services

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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department

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Good afternoon


Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act request
on behalf of Kerryn McIntosh-Watt, Manager, Government and Executive



Government and Executive Services


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