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Jon Pawley made this Official Information request to Tasman District Council

The request was successful.

From: Jon Pawley

Dear Tasman District Council,

Please supply:

1) the total number of inspections carried out in the 2012-2013 financial year, broken down into the following categories of inspected business:

a) Commercial Vessel Operation
b) Camping Grounds
c) Food Sale and Preparation
d) Funeral Directors
e) Hairdressers
f) Liquor Licensing
g) Offensive Trades
h) Rest Home or Private Hospital
i) Other, not categorised

2) the number of the above inspections for which a forewarning of inspection was given the inspected business;

3) where notification was given to any business with the above categories before an inspection was carried out, the median and maximum amount of time given between notifying that an inspection would take place, and the actual inspection.

Yours faithfully,

Jon Pawley

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Tasman District Council

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From: Pamela White
Tasman District Council

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