This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Warning of inspections'.
Please supply: 
     1) the total number of inspections carried out in the 2012-2013 
     financial year, broken down into the following categories of 
     inspected business: 
     a) Commercial Vessel Operation No prior arrangements made, inspections 
undertaken randomly and speculatively while on patrols. Number undertaken is 
not known, but several hundred. 
     b) Camping Grounds Inspections 90% of camping ground inspections receive 
advanced warning. 37 such inspections were completed last year. 
     c) Food Sale and Preparation. All 9 premises operating FCPs receive 
advanced warning of a visit. Of the remaining 314 inspections undertaken last 
year, about 25% receive advanced warning (typically as they do not operate 
regular hours and it is necessary to check when they will be available for the 
inspection) and the remainder receive no advanced warning. 
     d) Funeral Directors We have 2 and they both receive advanced warning to 
ensure that they will be available. 
     e) Hairdressers 33 inspections undertaken last year, about 25% receive 
advanced warning (typically as they do not operate regular hours and it is 
necessary to check when they will be available for the inspection) and the 
remainder receive no advanced warning. 
     f) Liquor Licensing 151 inspections undertaken last year, about 60% 
receive advanced warning (typically as they may not operate regular hours and 
it is necessary to check when they will be available for the inspection or it 
is necessary to check when the licensee is available) and the remainder 
receive no advanced warning. 
     g) Offensive Trades 6 inspections undertaken last year, all receive 
advanced warning (typically as they do not operate regular hours and it is 
necessary to check when they will be available for the  inspection) and the 
remainder receive no advanced warning. 
     h) Rest Home or Private Hospital No inspections of such facilities. 
     i) Other, not categorised 
     2) the number of the above inspections for which a forewarning of 
     inspection was given the inspected business; See detail above. 
     3) where notification was given to any business with the above 
     categories before an inspection was carried out, the median and 
     maximum amount of time given between notifying that an inspection 
     would take place, and the actual inspection. Degree of advanced notice 
varies from a few hours to several days. The intention of providing advanced 
warning is generally to ensure that critical persons are present or that the 
premises (which may be over three hours drive from the office) are open at the 
time the inspection or audit is undertaken. The process is not intended to 
provide a period in which the subject can prepare for the inspection or audit.