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From: Caitlyn Brown

Dear University of Auckland,

Please clarify if all applicants eligible for the RRAS category are ranked for entry in the RRAS scheme (as opposed to the general scheme). Ie, is eligibility (defined as being outside of the regional councils stated on the University of Auckland website) the only requirement for RRAS consideration, or are other factors (such as which of the RRAS-eligible regions the applicant originated from) taken into consideration?

Yours faithfully,

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Dear Caitlyn


RRAS is a separate category/rank but applicants in this category are also
included in the general category so they are not disadvantaged.



Eligibility (as defined) is the only additional requirement for RRAS
consideration. No preference or weight is given to a particular region.
Should you want more specific information please contact
[2][email address]


Yours sincerely

Rebecca Ewert

General Counsel

University of Auckland


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