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From: A Wellesley

Good morning team,

As background to this request, an American friend has told me that there is a large number of Trump supporters in the US army. He is of the view that it is likely to be the same. I hold the NZDF in high regard and thus find this highly unlikely. To allay any concerns, I would appreciate some information.
I understand that it is unlikely that you will have gathered data of personnel views on the orange maniac per se (if I am wrong about that I would appreciate that info).
So instead I am approaching this by seeking data regarding psychological aspects that are typically indicative of a tendency towards trump supporting and similar anti-social behaviour.

I have been out of the services for many years but back in my day they were quite big on psychological testing (although I admit that much of it was very methodologically flawed.. and for some reason I had to do way more of it than anyone else).
If such testing is still "a thing" I am hoping to get aggregated data from 2015 onwards. In particular, I am looking for the prevalence of psychological characteristics that incline the subject towards:
-Gross over estimation of their own intelligence, ability and likability
-Psychological recreation of sensory information, such as altered recollection of what is visually perceived (for example, a person who sees 100 people at a gathering but rearranges the memory to see 10,000)
-Hyper aggression
-Inability to see any flaw or failing on their own part
-Tendency to objectify, demean and otherwise seek to mistreat women
-Irrational obsession with physical characteristics, such as the size of ones hands
-Inability to experience empathy for others
-Dislike of dogs
-Compulsive lying and compulsive lying about lying

Thank you for your time and assistance. This information will not only allow me to satisfy myself that the NZDF is still a fine institution, but will also help me to dispel the erroneous presumptions of others.

Kura Takahe Puni

A Wellesley

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