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From: t Austen

Dear Statistics New Zealand,
If an individual identifies with more than one ethnic group when filling out the census form how is this handled for statistical purposes? For example, if someone has both Maori and European ancestry are they included in the totals for both groups, or just one or the other ?

Yours faithfully,
T Austen

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From: Joanne Alexander
Statistics New Zealand

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Hi T Austen,


The Ethnic Group Definition states that people can have 3 different ethnic
groups and so yes they will appear IN BOTH GROUPS .Here is a link to the
Ethnic Groups Definition:






Ethnicity/Ethnic group

Ethnicity is the ethnic group or groups a person identifies with or has a
sense of belonging to. It is a measure of cultural affiliation (in
contrast to race, ancestry, nationality, or citizenship). Ethnicity is
self-perceived and a person can belong to more than one ethnic group.

An ethnic group is made up of people who have some or all of the following

·        a common proper name

·        one or more elements of common culture that need not be
specified, but may include religion, customs, or language

·        a unique community of interests, feelings, and actions

·        a shared sense of common origins or ancestry

·        a common geographic origin.



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