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D J Blair made this Official Information request to The Treasury

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From: D J Blair

Dear The Treasury,

I refer to a request made by Sam Stowers in June 2019 that has gone unanswered, and it reads:
I would like to access my savings bond account and be able to trade my birth certificate bonds to be able to pay my debts and return my rights as a person.
Could you guide me through the process. My personal email is [email address] and hope to hear from you soon.

I have 3 questions related to this unanswered request
1) Why has this gone unanswered?
2) Do indeed treasury use the birth certificates of New Zealanders in any way, as an instrument, bonded or securitized, or as surety against debt?
3) The Department of Internal affairs denies any such practise but does the Treasury know then why the certificate is on bonded stock and what the 7 digit identifying number is on the reverse of the document?

My email address is [email address], please note that these details are provided solely to confirm my eligibility under the Official Information Act s12(1). Do not use these details for any correspondence or clarification about the request. For the purposes of OIA s16(2) my preferred way of receiving information is by email reply to the address from which you received the request. If you send correspondence to my private address you will be asked to re-send it to the email address, where it may still be published."

Yours faithfully,

D J Blair

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