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Heath Kruidenier made this Official Information request to Wellington Regional Council

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From: Heath Kruidenier

Dear Wellington Regional Council,

Metlink are cruel and lazy. Over the past few weeks I've had dozens of trains be late and buses leave early. I've even had a ticketer threaten me with police cause I had the wrong ticket. It was a $4 mistake and I had to fear cops picking me up from the station. I've been emailing metlink every day to no avail. All I'm asking for is a refund of $60 for the three times I've forced to taxi home. They didn't want to do this as a cash transfer sobi asked for a prepaid snapper or $60 worth of train tickets. They have ignored me. I have no option but to use the train and they know that I want some kind of victory here. It is wrong that they can just treat people like garbage

Yours faithfully,

Heath Kruidenier


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