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From: john luke

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

I noted from your website, https://www.mbie.govt.nz/immigration-and...

Migrant Trends 2016-2017 is the 17th in an annual report series examining trends in temporary and permanent migration to and from New Zealand.

Do you have 2017-2018 available? if not when would it be ready.

Also, when would you have an update version of Regional Migration Trends report


Yours faithfully,

john luke

Link to this

From: Anne-Marie Masgoret
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

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Dear Mr. Luke


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has recently launched
the new Migration Data Explorer, an online tool allowing data users to
easily access migration data directly. The Migration Data Explorer is
updated monthly providing users with the most up-to-date migration data
available.  This open access data tool replaces the migration trends
reports that were previously published once a year.  You can access MBIE’s
Migration Data Explorer using this link:


The Migration Data Explorer enables users to address general or more
specific research questions that relate to migration in New Zealand. It
allows users to analyse migration's impact on the population and labour
supply, extending the previous information provided by the migration
trends report which was largely focused on administrative metrics such as
visa approval numbers.  MBIE intends to continue to develop and expand its
Migration Data Explorer and to publish analytical reports focussing on
migration areas of interest.

In the future, MBIE also intends to include the regional migration trends
data into its Regional Economic Activity Web Tool.  You can access MBIE’s
Regional Economic Activity Web Tool using this link:


Thank you for writing.


Yours sincerely,



Migration Evidence and Insights | Corporate, Governance & Information 

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment | Hikina Whakatutuki



Don’t forget to check out MBIE’s new [4]Migration Data Explorer for
interactive migration population, flows and pathways data

[5]Description: http://mbieintranet/assets/MBIE-visual-i...



[6]www.govt.nz - your guide to finding and using New Zealand government

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