Management units and fixed term Allowances in 2019

g hall made this Official Information request to Whanganui High School

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From: g hall

The Board Chair
Whanganui High School
Board of Trustees

Dear Sir,
I request the following information pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982 (“the Act”):
* The number of Management Units allocated to the school in 2019
* The number of Middle Management Allowances allocated to the school in 2018/19
* The positions where permanent Management Units have been allocated in 2018/19;
* The number of fixed term Management units allocated in 2019; the designated purpose of these Management Units, and when that fixed term ceases;
* The number of Middle Management allowances that are fixed term; the reason for their allocation and the expiration date of these allowances;
* Management Units allocated to staff that are outside the curriculum area; and
* Middle Management allowances allocated to staff that are outside the curriculum area.
I draw your attention to the primary statutory principle of availability when making decisions about whether to withhold any information under section 9 of the Act.
If you do seek to withhold any of the requested information outlined above, then I request that you provide reasons for this decision in accordance with section 19 of the Act.
Graham Hall

Yours faithfully,

g hall

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