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From: john luke

Dear University of Auckland,

I would like to know how people can express of their interest of becoming an Advisory Board membership-Business School. ( Also, what is your recruitment process of this position, selection requirements and the current member's term of appointment.

Please also provide the job description, payments for this position.

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Dear Mr Luke


Membership of the University of Auckland Business School Advisory Board is
at the discretion of the Dean of the Business School. However,
suggestions, nominations or expressions of interest can be made to the
Dean in writing. Members are appointed on a staggered basis for two or
three year terms, to permit continuity of membership and to facilitate the
integration of new Advisory Board members from time to time. Board
vacancies are filled on a casual basis, as required.


There is no position description for a member of Advisory Board and
members are not paid. Members of the Advisory Board are national and
international leaders of business and other organisations. They are
leaders who understand the transformative potential of university business
school education and/or research and the educational needs of business and
the professions. They are committed to assisting the University of
Auckland Business School to achieve its purpose, vision and mission.
Advisory Board members lend their energy, experience, contacts, knowledge
and influence to build effective and productive links between the Business
School and its key stakeholders, including potential students, alumni and
the business and professional community. This enables the Advisory Board
to provide a critical external perspective on the Business School’s plans
and provide support, comment and advice to the Dean on existing and
proposed initiatives.


Yours sincerely

Rebecca Ewert

General Counsel


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