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Minimum Wage Increases
Request to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment by Dev Verma. Annotated by Dev Verma on .
Was expected.
Covid advice relating to corrections portfolio
Response by Kelvin Davis to BAW Russell on .
Kia ora Mr Russell   On behalf of the Hon Kelvin Davis, please find attached his response to your recent OIA request.   Ngā mihi      ...
Hi Simon,   Please find attached your OIA response.   Kind regards, Jerram       [1]Description: Description: Description:   Description...
Request to amend the OIA
Request to Department of Internal Affairs by George Morrison. Annotated by IdiotSavant on .
Information not held.
You might want to check out the documents from the Ministry of Justice here:
Facebook Video
Request to New Zealand Police by James Scott. Annotated by James Scott on .
Information not held.
I made a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman did commence an investigation, but I closed the file upon receiving a satisfactory exp...
Dear Cody   Please find attached a response from Rachel Kelly, Manager Government Relations, Kâinga Ora – Homes and Communities, to your Official...
Shovel ready projects
Response by Crown Infrastructure Partners to G S on .
Hello   Please find attached a letter in response to your OIA request.   Kind regards Tanya   Tanya Hansen Stakeholder Relations Manager...
Kia ora Dr McGuinness Please find attached a letter regarding your request for official information. Ngā mihi OIA Services Government Services...
Excess deaths
Response by Jacinda Ardern to Ryan Potts on .
Information not held.
Kia ora Ryan, Apologies, the letter was not clear enough on that aspect. Confirming that the Prime Minister and her office does not hold any informati...
I will follow up with this person to correct our email address.
Music Review documents
Response by Radio New Zealand Limited to Gareth Watkins on .
Information not held.
Dear Mr Watkins   In response to your request below, there is no document or body of work called the "Music Review", or that could be called that....
Dear Mr Francis   In response to your OIA request, i.e.:   “Please respond to this request providing full, complete, and unedited copies of th...
Kia ora Amy, Not a problem. I will not forward on your request. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist with in the future. Ngâ mihi...
Kia ora Amy Thank you for letting us know, I have deleted your emails. Ngā mihi Oriana Oriana Chin | Librarian
Department of Technology
Response by Jacinda Ardern to William T Francis on .
Information not held.
Dear William Francis     On behalf of Raj Nahna, I attach a letter in response to your request received on 7 May 2020.   Yours sincerely  ...
I was quite surprised by the Waikato DHB response to my OIA request, stating that it was vexatious. As mentioned in my original request, I have made...
Thank you for the confirmation. I will request this info again at the end of June. Yours faithfully, J. M. Harris
Shaping Future Dunedin Scenarios
Follow up sent to Dunedin City Council by Caleb on .
Kia ora, As this has not gone out for consultation, I re-lodge this requent. Many thanks
Total number
Response by New Zealand Police to Victoria Anne on .
Hi Victoria   Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act request, received by NZ Police on 23/04/2020.   Please accept our...
when are you going to stop the lies when it comes to this case. i have a document that i will present to the ombudsman which proves you are liars....
Audio file for the COVID-19 announcements
Response by Ministry of Health to Travis on .
[UNCLASSIFIED]   Kia ora Travis   Please see the attached letter regarding your recent OIA request.   Ngā mihi   Ministerial Coordinato...
Our lives have been put at risk
Response by Jacinda Ardern to Mal Yazdan on .
Information not held.
Dear Mal Yazdan Thank you again for your message to the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, and sincere apologies for the delay in responding to yo...
Dear Seann Paurini Thank you for your request for information below. The Ministry will consider and respond to your request in accordance with the O...
Policy on requests from 3rd party providers
Request to Waikato District Health Board by L Newcombe. Annotated by Amy S Van Wey Lovatt on .
Information not held.
The information provided by Waikato DHB is inaccurate. I received a letter dated 14 August 2019 which stated: "Waikato DHB can make the slides and b...
Your employees spy notebook
Follow up sent to New Zealand Transport Agency by gerard byrne on .
you only supplied some of the pages, but there were many more that showed your employee has been acting inappropriately around our neighbourhood, and...