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The Ombudsman is investigating the official information practices of Tasman District Council and three other councils. If you have submitted a request for information to Tasman District Council, or participated, or attempted to participate in a Council meeting in any capacity in the last 6 - 12 months you are invited to share your experience and perceptions with the Ombudsman via this survey. Further information is available from the Office of the Ombudsman.

22 requests
Kia ora Aaron   Please find below the responses to your questions.   1.       In the past five years, how many times has the Council used their...
Surplus Council Land
Response by Tasman District Council to Simon & Cora Moore on .
Further to your request for information in relation to parcels of land for sale – we confirm there are currently no areas of land that match the crit...
Good morning Alan - receipt of both your e-mails of 6 December 2019 is acknowledged. I am advised that CDEM/FENZ will be conducting an informal media...
Decision to Evacuate Wakefield
Follow up sent to Tasman District Council by Alan Thompson on .
Further to my OIA request to TDC for the advice received from FENZ with resect to the decision to evacuate Wakefield I have finally received further...
Resource consents for combustion discharges
Response by Tasman District Council to Alex Harris on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Alex,   Further to our response of yesterday’s date, please find attached additional information relating to these consents.  ...
TDC Costs in their Response to the Tasman Fires
Response by Tasman District Council to Alan Thompson on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Alan,   In relation to your request for information (shown in black type below), our responses are in red and reference the attache...
Library wage levels
Response by Tasman District Council to R Leveson on .
We write in response to your request for information.   This is set out below:   Number of Library Employees in total:                            ...
Thank you for your request for information received on 2 July 2018.   Assuming you are referring still to the property at 271 Pomona Road, our res...
Good morning, I understand you are unable to open the link provided. Please find attached a copy of the Projects Interests Schedule. If you require...
Information relating to Traffic Management Orders
Response by Tasman District Council to Lou Girardin on .
Partially successful.
Further to your request, please find below our response:   In response to a recommendation by NZTA to reduce the speed limit on the State Highway,...
Mobility access for tourist accommodation
Response by Tasman District Council to Tony Bach on .
I am on annual leave between 18 - 27 February 2013 I will be back in the Office 28 January This e-mail message and any attached files may contain c...
Number of council staff earning less that $18.40 per hour
Request to Tasman District Council by Jon Pawley. Annotated by Jon Pawley on .
Kylie, Alex, Moer than happy for you--or others--to steal this question! Hopefully your local councils will have similarly small numbers of people ea...
Warning of inspections
Response by Tasman District Council to Jon Pawley on .
Please see attached response from Tasman District Council   Regards     Robyn Scherer | Tasman District Council Executive Assistant - Engin...
Response by Tasman District Council to Sam Fraser on .
Partially successful.
Hello again Sam – in response to the first part of your request please see the information below.   Kind Regards     Pamela White Executiv...
Thank you for your request.   We do not open meetings of council with a prayer   Kind Regards     Pamela White Executive Assistant to t...

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