Teenage suicide prevention strategy in schools

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From: Josh Martin

Dear Ministry of Education,

I request official advice correspondence from your department to the Minister and/or Cabinet on the current approach to addressing and hopefully preventing teenage suicide.
This may be seen in official documentation or possible policy change recommendations to the Minister, or other official bodies, regarding recommended practices and processes regarding how depression, mental illness and suicide are included (or not included) in the health curriculum in New Zealand pubic schools.
I request briefings, email communication or official communication which adresses the effectiveness of the many approaches to educating our youth on suicide and mental health.
I request any correspondence from schools which states their hesitation or refusal to address teenage suicide prevention in their health curriculum.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Josh Martin

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Good morning Mr Martin,


Please find attached a letter acknowledging receipt of your OIA Request of
12 September 2012.


If you have any problems accessing the attachment, please contact this e
mail address.



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From: Andrew Daly

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