Sam Fraser made this Official Information request to Nelson City Council

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From: Sam Fraser


Under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act I request the following information:

A list of all positions (job titles) directly employed by the Council, and the number of staff in each of those roles.
Any briefings, reports, advice, transcripts, notes, correspondence, aide memoires or any other documents regarding any proposal to amalgamate the Council with neighbouring Councils.

I note that according to the LGOIMA response calculator on the website of the Office of the Ombudsmen, I should receive a response to this request on or before 25 June 2012.

I would appreciate acknowledgement of this request.

Samuel Fraser

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From: Suzanne Cole
Nelson City Council

Thank you for your email to Nelson City Council.

Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate member of staff on job number 151829.

Please contact us if we can help further in the meantime.

Customer Service Team

Nelson City Council
te kaunihera ō whakatū
PO Box 645 Nelson 7040 New Zealand
03 546 0200

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From: Sandra Birdling
Nelson City Council

Dear Mr Fraser,
I refer to your email request dated 25 May, 2012.

Staff have reviewed your request and assessed the number of documents that would have to be provided to meet your request, and the amount of time involved in collating those documents and copying them, or converting them to PDF if you require them to be sent to you electronically.

Under S.13 (1A) of LGOIMA there is a charge payable for the provision of that information, which in line with Ministry of Justice Guidelines will be $38.00 per hour of staff time after the first hour, and 20c per page copying / scanning after the first 20 pages.

The estimated cost of providing the information you request, which excludes staff time to date is indicated below, giving two options:
(a) For Council to provide copies to be sent to your postal address, in which case you would need to provide an address to which we would send the documents; or
(b) For all documents to be converted to PDF and provided electronically.

Please note that so far there are a total of 366 documents identified as needing to be provided to meet your request, many with multiple pages.The cost estimates are based on that.

You may wish to refine your request to be more specific about the exact information which you require which would reduce the cost of providing the information.
Otherwise, if you wish to proceed with this request, Council requires the following payment in advance, depending on which option you choose:
(a) Information to be photocopied and provided to a postal address:
11 hours staff time x $38.00 418.00
Photocopying (minimum) 366 x 0.20 73.20
G.S.T 73.68
Total Deposit required – Option (a) 564.88

(b) Information to be provided electronically by email:
11 hours staff time x $38.00 418.00
G.S.T 62.70
Total Deposit required – Option (b) 480.70

Because of the extent of the information requested by you, Council will not be able to provide this to you before the 25th June, 2012. If you wish to proceed with your request, Council will provide the information to you within 10 working days of receipt of your confirmation that you wish to proceed, and receipt of the amount of the deposit required.

You have the right to refer this decision to the Ombudsman for review. The Ombudsman’s contact details are:
Phone: 0800 802 602
Emails: [email address]
Postal: P.O.Box 13 482 Christchurch

Richard Johnson
Acting Chief Executive
Nelson City Council

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