Information regarding metrics of passengers that are not picked up on buses

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From: Hugh Davenport

Dear Wellington Regional Council,

Attention Margaret Meek

I have looked at, and there seems to be no metrics on how many passengers are waiting for a bus at a bus stop and are not picked up by buses travelling past while too full to stop and pick up.

I would like to know (and preferably added to the above link) what metrics GWRC/Metlink are collecting about the number of passengers that are waiting for buses but are unable to get picked up due to full capacity buses. I would also like to know if you have metrics on how long those passengers have to wait until they are picked up.

I request this, as I believe that the GWRC do not have these metrics, and keep harping on about how the system is improving, but every single day I see multiple passengers left behind at stops because buses are too full for the bus network.

If it is the case that GWRC have no metrics on this, I would like to know what GWRC are doing about getting these metrics, then improving on those metrics to ensure a better bus service.

Yours faithfully,

Hugh Davenport

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From: Darrell Young
Wellington Regional Council

Dear Hugh,


Acknowledgement of Request for Information under the Local Government
Official Information and Meetings Act 1987


Thank you for your email dated 13 March 2019, requesting information
regarding Metrics of passengers that are not picked up on buses


Your request is being followed-up and a reply will be sent to you within
20 working days of the request being received.


Yours sincerely,


Darrell Young




Luke Troy



Greater Wellington Regional Council




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Hugh Davenport left an annotation ()

This has been extended to 31 May 2019 under section 14(1)(a) of the LGOIMA.

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Hugh Davenport left an annotation ()

Unsure whether this has been extended, they haven't given which ones exactly...

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