How much does RealMe costs for businesses

Felix Lee made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

The request was refused by Department of Internal Affairs.

From: Felix Lee

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Can you please let me know how much businesses are charged to confirm their customers' identities using RealMe?


Yours faithfully,

Felix Lee

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From: Telephon Telephon
Department of Internal Affairs

Dear Felix

Thank you for your email. We are working on your enquiry and you will hear from us again as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Customer Services Team
Service Delivery and Operations
Department of Internal Affairs - Te Tari Taiwhenua
Phone: (+64 4) 495 7200

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From: RealMe Help

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Dear Felix


Thank you for your email.

It has been forwarded to the appropriate staff member, who will respond if

Your RealMe username and password can be used on various participating
websites, saving you from having to remember different usernames and
passwords for each service you use. You can find which government services
are using the RealMe login service by going to
<> and selecting What’s RealMe then Where can I use


Need to change your RealMe details? You can do this at any time, just go
to <> and click on ‘Manage my
RealMe’ select ‘Manage my Login’  and log in.


From the ‘Manage my login’ page you can change:

·      your password

·      your username

·      your security questions and answers,

·      and more.


If you use a RealMe service that sends your mobile phone a security code
by TXT message, the 'Manage login feature allows you to change or
de-register your mobile phone number.


You can also change your email address and contact phone number here.


Keep your RealMe username and password safe, check the usage of your
account regularly, don't share your account details with anyone and don't
write down your password anywhere.


The 'Manage your RealMe login' feature lets you view where and when your
RealMe login has been used. If you think someone has used your account
without your knowledge, you should contact us straight away.


Need help with your RealMe login? You can contact us at the RealMe Help
Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


·      From New Zealand: 0800 664 774 (toll free)  

·      From overseas: +64 9 357 4468 (overseas call charges apply)


Kind regards

Jamie Garrood

Client Information Officer - Kaipûrongo Kiritaki

RealMe services

Ph (NZ):           0800 664 774
Ph (Overseas): +64 9 357 4468
Email:              [email address] <mailto:[email address]>



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G Christian left an annotation ()

Pathetic that it should take any time at all to get an answer to this primary question. However the fog they do push in response is utter drivel.

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From: Julie Woods
Department of Internal Affairs

Dear Mr Lee


I refer to your email of 1 July 2013, regarding how much businesses are
charged to confirm their customers identities using RealMe? The Department
is not the custodian of this information. The RealMe service is provided
in Partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand
Post. New Zealand Post has responsibility for private sector use of RealMe
and setting charges.


Rather than to refer you to New Zealand Post separately, the Department
has consulted with New Zealand Post on the matter. We can confirm that the
information requested is commercially sensitive to the organisations New
Zealand Post is partnering with in supplying the RealMe services under
confidential commercial contracts. Therefore we are unable to disclose the
information you have requested.




RealMe Support




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