Cost of blessing a HNZ property

Mike Fox made this Official Information request to Housing New Zealand Corporation

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From: Mike Fox

Dear Housing New Zealand Corporation,

The linked article from the Otago Daily Times indicates that the HNZ owned property in question was "blessed".

Under the Official Information Act 1982, please provide the following information:

1. What type of blessing took place and who conducted it? Who was present?

2. What was the cost to taxpayers of the blessing? Please include any indirect costs such as administration time setting up the appointment, or having a representative travel to site to provide access, or having HNZ personnel attend the ceremony.

3. Under which Act or guidelines or directive does the HNZ corporation have the right or mandate to spend funds on religious or spiritual ceremonies?

4. What is HNZ corporation's annual budget for arranging or facilitating religious or spiritual ceremonies?

5. How many such blessings or ceremonies have taken place from 28 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2019?

I thank you for your time and look forward to your complete response.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Fox

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