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From: Paul Riddler

Dear Human Rights Commissioner,I am a disabled person, TBI, traumatic brain injury, I am also my partner’s principle carer, and she is a stroke survivor.
I lodged a complaint with the Health and disability commissioners’ office in December 2012.
The complaint was handled by the HDC advocacy service.
My complaint involved serious systemic, discrimination by way of victimisation.
The complaint was against three organisations based in the Wairarapa, they are {abridged} Addiction services, mental health provider.
During the course of the complaints process there has been discrimination/victimisation inflicted on me by the advocacy service that was handling my serious systemic complaint.
The nature of the discrimination was that the advocacy service inserted “false damaging information” into the background information section, of my digital file of my complaint.
The inserted damaging information has grossly affected my health and mental health.
The false information has damaged the credibility of my systemic complaint, thus discriminating against the other complaints enclosed within my complaint.
I would like to quote someone: Paul Gibson, Disability Rights Commissioner: “They have a right to complain and a just process if they don’t get that support. Unquote. {They, being disabled people}
He has also said that there has been a step backwards, relating to recent law changes surrounding disabled people’s rights.
Further to my complaint that is registered with the, HDC.
Due to the way my complaint has been mishandled; I have requested legal representation multiple times, to no avail.
Question: How can a disabled person make a complaint, if the very organisations that handle the complaint, discriminate against the complainant, surely this is a major fundamental flaw that needs to be remedied?
Possibly there needs to be a public inquiry into the systemic failure of complaints processes within New Zealand government departments.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Riddler

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From: Robert Hallowell
Human Rights Commission

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