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K Roe made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

Currently waiting for a response from University of Auckland, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: K Roe

Dear University of Auckland,

1. Please can you provide the rank list for each candidate for 2015-2019 (with personal identifier removed).

(GPA/9)x60 + (UMAT score/max possible UMAT score)x15 + (Interview score/max interview score)x25 = total for rank order

Please can you indicate which candidates are Rural, Disability, MPAS, Graduate, FY as appropriate, and which were accepted vs waitlisted vs declined.

Please make your algorithm explicit.

Yours faithfully,

K Roe

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Dear K Roe


The only persons eligible to make requests under the Official Information
Act are (a) New Zealand citizens; (b) permanent residents of New Zealand;
(c) persons who are in New Zealand; or (d) body corporates incorporated in
New Zealand or which have a place of business in New Zealand. Please
confirm your eligibility under section 12 of the Official Information Act
to make this request for official information and provide evidence of that
eligibility to [1][University of Auckland request email].


The University has received a large number of requests relating to the
administration of the MBChB programme over the past year. Section 18A(2)
of the Official Information Act specifies that, for the purposes of
refusing requests under section 18(f) of the Act, organisations may treat
as a single request 2 or more requests from the same person that are about
the same subject matter or about similar subject matters and received in
short succession. Please advise the following to enable the University to
make a decision on your request:


•       advise your full legal name

•       advise whether your request for official information was
co-ordinated, or made in conjunction, with any other person/persons (as
defined in section 2 of the Official Information Act), and, if so,
disclose the name/names of these other person/persons

•       advise whether your request for official information was made at
the instruction, request, or on behalf of any other person/persons, and if
so, disclose the names of these other person/s.


Please provide the information requested to [2][University of Auckland request email] by 21
January 2019. If we have not received your response by that date we will
treat your request as withdrawn.


Yours sincerely


Rebecca Ewert

General Counsel

University of Auckland


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From: K Roe

Dear Rebecca Ewert,

I can confirm that I [Kelly Alexandra Roe] am a person, in New Zealand.

My request for information is not co-ordinated or made in conjunction with any other person / persons.

My request for information was not made at the instruction, request, or on behalf of any other person / persons.

Yours sincerely,

K Roe

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