Complaints from ACC Claimants

Scott made this Official Information request to Health and Disability Commissioner

The request was partially successful.

From: Scott

Dear Health and Disability Commissioner,

In the years 2017 & 2018 how many complaints have been received involving individuals who were ACC claimants when the alledged event subject to the complaint occured.

Out of these numbers;
how many did Meenal Duggal decide to Not Investigate,
How many of these decisions were challenged.
How many were subsequently investigated by HDC.
How many refered Meenal Duggal’s decision not to investigate to the Ombudsman to review.
How many refered to the Ombudsman were subsequently investigated by HDC.
Please provide any guidelines relating to the handling of complaints involving ACC claimants.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Rowbottom

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From: Niki Wright
Health and Disability Commissioner

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Good afternoon Scott,

Please find attached response and corresponding documents to your
information request.


Niki Wright
Senior Official Information Act Advisor
DDI: 04 494 7914 EXT: 4014
Wellington Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner
PO Box 11934, Wellington 6142
Level 11, TechnologyOne House, 86 Victoria Street, Wellington 6011
[1]Health & Disability Commissioner 

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