Total number of liable Child Support parents who estimated their income more than once during the 2017 tax year.

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From: Greg Keen

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

Please provide the following statistic:

How many individuals who were liable to make Child Support payments estimated their income more than once during the 2017 tax year?

Thank you
Greg Keen

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Inland Revenue Department

Good Morning,

Thank you for your request made under the Official Information Act 1982. We will respond to your request within 20 working days from the date of receipt.

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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department

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Good morning

Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act request on behalf of Sue Gillies, Segment Management Lead Families.

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Greg Keen left an annotation ()

Attention any parents who are liable to pay Child Support and have estimated their income more than once during a Child Support year:
You are being assessed on a total income GREATER than what you actually earn. IRD are failing to apply a specific Section of the Child Support Act to their calculations and this is resulting in every parent who estimates their income more than once during a year being OVER-ASSESSED for Child Support liability. I am currently in the process of legal action to force IRD to change their process and to repay all overpayments.
If you are or have previously been a paying parent and have estimated your income more than once within a year please contact me at

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Brant Griffiths left an annotation ()

Greg Keen, the email you stated on this page is bouncing back.
Do you have another email address?

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