Payment Schedule for P-8A Poseidon Aircraft

Simon Ewing-Jarvie made this Official Information request to The Treasury

The request was refused by The Treasury.

From: Simon Ewing-Jarvie

Dear The Treasury,

I request a summary of the payment schedule for the recently announced purchase of four Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft and ancillary equipment for the New Zealand Defence Force. In the Minister of Defence media release of 9 July 2018, it states "The capital cost will be spread over a number of financial years out to 2025/26." I am aware that the actual dollar values are commercially sensitive and that is not what I am asking for. I am asking for payment milestones in percentage terms. For example, if the total cost of aircraft and ancillaries is $X, I wish to know what percentage of X is to be paid on what date between now and 2026.

I am a NZ citizen.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Ewing-Jarvie

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From: Ministerial Services Inbox [TSY]
The Treasury

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Good morning Simon

Attached is correspondence about your OIA request.




Jean McDowall | Ministerial Advisor | Ministerial Advisory Service |The
Treasury - Te Kaitohutohu Kaupapa Rawa | 04 890 7227 |

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Simon Ewing-Jarvie left an annotation ()

After being in receipt of this OIA request for 9 working days (13 in total), The Treasury has written to say that they are transferring it to the Ministry of Defence (who get another 20 days to respond). I believe this is an example of the OI Act being 'gamed' by government officials. If the Treasury truly believed it wasn't a request that related to them, that could have been determined on receipt. Here's hoping the MoD take a more proactive view of this request.

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From: Information

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Dear Mr Ewing- Jarvie


Thank you for your Official Information Act request, transferred to the
Ministry of Defence from The Treasury. Please find attached your response.


Kind regards



Ministry of Defence






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immediately. Thank you"

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Simon Ewing-Jarvie left an annotation ()

This has been refused by Ministry of Defence on the grounds of commercial sensitivity. However, I challenge that as I didn't ask for dollar amounts, only how the payments were split in percentage terms. The Secretary of Defence claims that the Cabinet Paper and Minutes for the P-8 Poseidon purchase are to be released in the next few weeks so I'll put a bring up on this for 1 month (9 Sep) and check then.

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dukeofurl left an annotation ()

Great work here.

Commercial confidentiallity is absurd as NZ is buying through US government via US Navy who publicise the value of their contracts.

For other contracts in general they can be found here.
It cant commercailly sensitive if its released by US government, often though the specific detail for NZ isnt given but included with other governments

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