Library wage levels

R Leveson made this Official Information request to MacKenzie District Council

MacKenzie District Council did not have the information requested.

From: R Leveson

Dear MacKenzie District Council,

Please supply:
- the number of people employed in your public library service.
- the number of people employed in your public library service being paid less than $20.55 per hour.
- the number of people in your public library service employed for 40 hours per week.

Yours faithfully,

R Leveson

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MacKenzie District Council

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Dear L Leveson,


We acknowledge receipt of your official information request received on 4
July 2018 for information around library wage levels.


Mackenzie District Council contracts library services to Twizel Area
School and Mackenzie College therefore we do not employ any public library




Liz Law | Records & Information Manager


Mackenzie District Council

PO Box 52, Main Street, Fairlie 7949

T: (03) 685 9010 | [1]



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