UTAS (SWD) information for MBCHB entry

Cecilia Bridges made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

The request was refused by University of Auckland.

From: Cecilia Bridges

Dear University of Auckland,

I am requesting the following information for application to part II of the MBChB programme for Students with disabilities (SWD) for 2015-2018 graduate entry:

1. Number of graduate seats available in SWD
2. Number of graduate applicants interviewed in SWD
3. Interview GPA cut off for graduate SWD applicants
4. Lowest GPA for successful graduate SWD applicants
5. Highest GPA for unsuccessful graduate SWD applicants
6. Highest and lowest UMAT score of successful graduate SWD applicants
7. Highest and lowest UMAT score of unsuccessful graduate SWD applicants

I would appreciate any information that can be given so I can make a decision for my study plans for next year.

Yours faithfully,

Cecilia Bridges

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Dear Cecilia,
I refer to your request of 3 July 2018. The only persons eligible to make
requests under the Official Information Act are (a) New Zealand citizens;
(b) permanent residents of New Zealand; (c) persons who are in New
Zealand; or (d) body corporates incorporated in New Zealand or which have
a place of business in New Zealand. Please confirm your eligibility under
section 12 of the Official Information Act to make requests for official
information and provide evidence of that eligibility to
[1][email address].
The University has received 21 other similarly worded requests concerning
MBChB entrance statistics over the past year, including five requests so
far this month. Section 18A(2) of the Official Information Act specifies
that, for the purposes of refusing requests under section 18(f) of the
Act, organisations may treat as a single request 2 or more requests from
the same person that are about the same subject matter or about similar
subject matters and received in short succession.  To enable the
University to make a decision on your request, please:

* advise whether your request for official information was co-ordinated,
or made in conjunction, with any other person/persons (as defined in
section 2 of the Official Information Act), and, if so, disclose the
name/names of these other person/persons
* advise whether your request for official information was made at the
instruction, request, or on behalf of any other person/persons, and if
so, disclose the names of these other person/s.

Yours sincerely
Rebecca Ewert
General Counsel
The University of Auckland

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