Tranche 1 - Level Crossing Grade Separation - Schedule of Which Crossings are to be removed in Auckland

Ben Ross made this Official Information request to KiwiRail

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From: Ben Ross

Dear KiwiRail,

In the Auckland Transport Regional Land Transport Program Capital Program it was listed that Tranche 1 - Level Crossing Grade Separation is to be funded (to an X amount) through the next decade.

My question is which level crossings in Auckland would be funded from the RLTP will be grade separated (or simply removed) and through what time period will those level crossings be removed please

Looking forward to your reply

Yours faithfully,

Ben Ross

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From: OCU

Dear Ben, this is to acknowledge receipt of your OIA request and we will
respond accordingly.


Kind regards



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Ben Ross left an annotation ()

Request has been passed to Auckland Transport for answering. AT due to reply back on the 24th July.

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Patrick Dunford left an annotation ()

Did you get a response from AT?

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