Significant investment in health technology

Antony Andrews made this Official Information request to Taranaki District Health Board

The request was successful.

From: Antony Andrews

Dear Taranaki District Health Board,

Can I please request information on any significant purchase of new medical technology (example: Computed Tomography (CT), IT etc.) by Taranaki District Health Board for its hospitals since 2011.
Please provide the name of the medical technology/device and the approxiate cost incurred. Please also provide the year it was implemented/purchased.

This is an Official information request under the Official Information Act 1982.

Yours faithfully,

Antony Andrews

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From: Jenny McLennan [TDHB]
Taranaki District Health Board

Attachment Copy of Asset Additions Report Jan 11 to Jun 18.pdf
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Kind Attn: Mr. Anthony Andrews
Re: your request under the official Information Act  on the subject.
Please find enclosed a listing of significant purchase of new medical
technology (Annexure 1).
For avoidance of doubt we have applied a materiality cut off of $ 100,000.
We leave it to you to filter your requirements from the data provided
to meet your criteria of new medical technology.
We trust this information meets your requirement.
Jenny McLennan
Personal Assistant to
Rosemary Clements
Chief Executive
Phone: 06 753-7781
[mobile number]-3444-214
Email: [email address]
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