Students and Depression Ration of Counselling 1998-2018

K Gillies made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

The request was refused by University of Auckland.

From: K Gillies

Tēnā koe University of Auckland,

I reside in New Zealand, under the Official Information Act I request that you provide me with the all documents pertaining to Students and Depression Ration of Counselling from 1998-2018.

In the 2017 Income and Expenditure Report by NZUSA it states that the the following document: 'Students and Depression Ration of Counselling 2009-2014', is housed in the New Zealand Parliamentary Library. I recently visited the New Zealand Parliamentary Library and was told that more than just the 2009-2014 records would exist but that they could not to show me any of these documents. Hence I am now requesting this information from you under the OIA. ( 2017 Income and Expenditure Report by NZUSA here:

With regards to the manner in which the information is released I request that any documents released be in an accessible, searchable format, i.e. no pdf's of scanned documents that would require transcribing and that would not be readable to people who rely on screen readers. And a spreadsheet format, such as CSV or XLSX, is preferable for tabular data. I also request that documents be uploaded online to website in response to my request rather than sent privately.

I request this information urgently and as a matter of public interest.

I trust I will hear back promptly from you as an institution that I'm sure prides itself on transparency and contributing to the public good.

kā mihi nui,

K Gillies

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Dear K Gillies

It is unclear what documents you are requesting. Please clarify your request. The University's Library does not appear to hold a copy of the unpublished document entitled "Student and Depression Ration of Counselling 2009-2014" referred to in your request.

If you wish the University to treat your request with urgency, please provide your reasons for seeking the information urgently.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Ewert
General Counsel
The University of Auckland

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