Stats and information of Tenancy Tribunal rulings regarding market rent

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From: Robert Whitaker

Dear Ministry of Justice,

I am looking to get some statistics and information regarding the application of s25 of the Residential Tenancies Act as it is interpreted and applied by the Tenancy Tribunal.

Specifically, I am seeking for every year it is available:

1. How many total applications were made to the Tenancy Tribunal by tenants?
1. How many applications were made in each year by tenants challenging rent levels against s25?
2. How many times in each year has an adjudicator ruled in such cases in favour of the tenant?

Additionally I would like to know:

1. What guidance is provided by the Chief Adjudicator, Tenancy Services or other parties to Adjudicators as to how s25 should be applied and interpreted?
2. As interpreted by the Tribunal, what is the purpose of s25?
3. Can s25 be applied in circumstances where there is a substantial general increase in rents (e.g. recent years in Wellington and Auckland)?

Yours faithfully,

Robert Whitaker

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From: correspondence, official
Ministry of Justice

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Good morning Mr Whitaker,


Acknowledging receipt of your OIA Request as below. You can expect a
response on or before 26 February 2018.


Kind regards,



[1] Alex Pickard
Advisor |
Ministry of
Justice | Tāhū
o te Ture


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From: Paltridge, Antony
Ministry of Justice

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Hi Robert


Please find attached a response to your OIA request regarding the Tenancy







[1]Description: Description: Description: Antony Paltridge
Team Leader (Media and
External Relations) |
Communication Services
DDI: +64 4 918 8980









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