Assault on three senior citizens

Graham Carter made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

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From: Graham Carter

Dear New Zealand Police,

I would like to make a complaint against Sergeant Morrison of the Whitianga Police.

On or about the 6th of December 2017 I made an enquiry with Sgt Morrison asking information regarding a complaint of assault lodged regarding the following information.

On the 19th of October 2017 in a public carpark outside Liquor King, in Whitianga recently.
A senior citizen Mr Graeme Sturgeon was assaulted in front of several witnesses, and while being filmed, by a DoC security guard.

Mr Sturgeon was initially sitting in his car when first assaulted and was dragged out of his car by security staff who ripped his clothes in the process.

Mr Sturgeon was part of a group of people preparing to attend a rally in Whitianga to oppose the aerial dropping of 1080 poison onto their land.

Just because these people oppose 1080 aerial poison dropping does not mean that DoC should stoop to this level of thuggery and give them a licence to have people assaulted.

One witness Dr. Wendy Pond, retired University lecturer was also assaulted. While sitting in her car, a DoC security officer illegally opened her car door to remove the ignition key, and attempted to pull the key out to detain her. He then assaulted her.
Diana Halstead an artist, another witness was also assaulted.

Most seriously of all, three senior citizens, who were doing nothing wrong and were in a public place, were assaulted by DoC security guards who refused to give their names.

No medical attention was offered by DoC or Police even though it is protocol to call for an Ambulance, and DOC staff would have had a First Aid medical kit available.

On December 8th when emailed Sergeant Morrison of the Whitianga Police said:

I can confirm an incident occurred at Whitianga related to the D.O.C 1080 drop on the 19/10/17.
This incident has been investigated and a decision made to put one person before the court. The matter is now before the court.
Thanks. Andrew MORRISON, Sergeant AMD990 | WHITIANGA
3 Campbell Street | PO Box 15 | DX GX 10159 | Whitianga | New Zealand

We question Sergeant Morrison investigation and want to know why the DoC security officer was not charged for assault on the three senior citizens?

It appears very clear that Sgt Morrison has not conducted his investigation thoroughly.

We request copies of the investigation report.

Yours faithfully,

Graham Carter

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S C McKee left an annotation ()

This request is not vexacious, ie "serving only to cause annoyance". Lots of people are interested in the outcome of this request, and are puzzled why the police haven't charged the unlicenced DoC security guard with assault, including the assault on the two senior women.They did not receive bloodied noses, but were still assaulted. Would it be a good idea to re-word the request and try again asking for specific explanations and documents?

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