Unemployment Benefit, Single Parent Support Benefit and Other Means tested Benefits

Adam Ward made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development

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From: Adam Ward

Dear Ministry of Social Development,

Please could you provide data showing the number of people in each area unit claiming each different form of means tested benefit by month from March 2013 onwards. In other words, for each month from March 2013 onwards I would like to have a table showing:

# People Claiming Unemployment Benefit
# People Claiming Sole Parent Support
# People Claiming Disability Benefit
etc.. etc..

The area units definitions created by Stats NZ can be found on the link:

If this is not feasible, please contact me in order to discuss.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Adam Ward

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From: OIA_Requests (MSD)
Ministry of Social Development

Good morning Dr Ward

Thank you for your email received 17 November 2017, under the Official Information Act 1982.

As your request stands, small cell suppression will be extensive and will likely mean that the data provided would be less than useful. (Suppression would be to protect the privacy of natural persons, in accordance with section 9(2)(a) of the Act).

Is there an alternative at a higher level that may be of use to you? The Ministry could provide the information at the Ministry's Service Centre catchment level but note that these are based on 2001 area unit boundaries, we could then provide a concordance with the 2017 area unit boundaries so you can do your own population/other analysis. That would address the small cell suppression issue.

Alternatively, depending on the purpose for which you have requested information, the Minsitry may be able to work with you collegially (for instance if it is research with a University, we may have a memorandum of understanding).

You can contact us directly at this email address if you do not wish these details to be published.

Nā mātou noa, nā

Official and Parliamentary Information team | Ministerial and Executive Services
Ministry of Social Development

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We help New Zealanders to help themselves to be safe, strong and independent
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From: Adam Ward

Dear OIA_Requests (MSD),

Further to your previous response, please could we investigate the possibility of working collegially...

The aforementioned data was requested on behalf of Dr Paul Bracewell. Dr Bracewell is an adjunct research fellow and lecturer for the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Victoria University of Wellington. Both Paul and myself supervise various masters and undergraduate students from the university who work on an array of social science projects (examples of previously published / under review papers are available upon request). We envisage using the requested data as a basis for validating results within current projects and forming the basis of future projects.

May I request that future correspondence is conducted privately in order to protect the IP relating to our current research. Unfortunately, your email address is not visible on the FYI portal so I cannot contact you directly. However, Dr Bracewell and myself can be contacted privately on the following email addresses:
Dr Paul Bracewell - [email address]
Dr Adam Ward - [email address]
(You may need to contact FYI in order to obtain these email addresses as their policy is to block out emails on public posts)

Yours sincerely,

Dr Adam Ward

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