Policy relating to security camera use in adult mental health inpatient unit

Miss Black made this Official Information request to Lakes District Health Board

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From: Miss Black

Dear Lakes District Health Board,

Could you please provide information relating the use of security cameras in your adult mental health inpatient unit.

1: The reason/purpose for installing security cameras within you adult mental health inpatient units. Especially the purpose relating to your decision to include security cameras in the "main ward" and "intensive care" areas.

2: How you measure that the security cameras are addressing their initial purpose (as listed in answer to question 1.)

3: All policy documents relating to the use of security cameras in adult mental health inpatient units

Yours faithfully,

Miss Black

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From: Shan Tapsell
Lakes District Health Board

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Hi Karyn


Please see attached Lakes DHB’s response to your OIA.




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