The names of the the individuals who had to dispose of their land or were forced to dispose of it

Oleksandr Kirichuk made this Official Information request to Land Information New Zealand

The request was partially successful.

From: Oleksandr Kirichuk

Dear Overseas Investment Office,

On 28th of March 2017 New Zealand Herald has published the article titled "Ten foreign investors forced to dispose of NZ land in last 10 years" by Isaac Davison. This article raised issues of public interest, including the main fact that ten foreign investors have been forced to surrender sensitive land in New Zealand in the last decade after failing to meet the conditions of their purchase.

Unfortunately, the information provided was incomplete due to the author's explanation: "The OIO was unable to immediately name the individuals or companies who had to dispose of their land or why they were forced to dispose of it."

I have visited the OIO website and was unable to find any information supporting the information by the author in this article. I do believe, that it is the right of every New Zealander to know the names of the NZ immigration candidates who failed to deliver their investment promises made to the NZ government.

Therefore, according to the Official Information Act, I request the disclosure of the following information:

1) The names of the the individuals who had to dispose of their land or were forced to dispose of it; the OIO reference numbers of each case for each individual's name as it is customarily done on the OIO website;
2) Links to the official OIO website pages where this information in published for the public;

Please confirm the receipt of this Disclosure request by informing the

Yours faithfully,
Oleksandr Kirichuk
NZ citizen and taxpayer

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From: Customer Support
Land Information New Zealand

Good Morning Oleksandr

Thank you for your enquiry, I have forwarded this to the appropriate team
and they will respond to you directly.

Kind regards

Land Information New Zealand
0800 665 463
Hours of Support: 0700 to 1730 - Monday to Friday
[1][email address]

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From: Peter R Hill
Land Information New Zealand

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Hi Oleksandr


Attached is a response to your Official Information Act request.




Pete Hill
Research and Support Officer
Overseas Investment Office

E  [1][email address] | DDI +64 4 460 2784 | M +64 27 235 8389

Wellington Office, Level 7, Radio New Zealand House, 155 The Terrace
PO Box 5501, Wellington 6145, New Zealand | T 04 460 0110   
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Case Number: CAS-252962-YFC79H

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Contact /  Oleksandr Kirichuk
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Email Address:  [5][FOI #5644 email]
Urgency:  Normal

Case Title:

Official Information request - The names of the the individuals who had to
dispose of their land or were forced to dispose of it

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