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Miss Robinson made this Official Information request to Express Couriers Limited

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

From: Miss Robinson

Dear Express Couriers Limited,

Your service Courier Post lost my parcel this last Xmas (2016) and I am devastated as it was part of a gift set for my son. I tracked the parcel online, it made it to the sorting centre and there have been no updates since then. It has taken two weeks of phone calls and I haven't gotten any closer to finding my parcel.

My questions are the following:

How come Courier Post does not contact the sender when an item has gone missing? I understand not all senders fill out their details on the packages however mine did. And it was an ordered courier pick up from his address through the TradeMe site. There must be a database Courier Post has that keeps these details and that searches for undelivered items. Even non tracked items could be sent back to their respective outlets through their barcode to wait for the sender to do an enquiry from where they purchased.

What does Courier Post do with the undelivered items? If you are not contacting the senders, do you contact the addressee's?

Can you please tell me what happens to Courier Post's undelivered / lost items?

Can you please tell me how many items Courier Post has undelivered for the period 21/12/2016 - 06/01/2017?

Can you please tell me how many items Courier Post has lost for the period 21/12/2016 - 06/01/2017?

Can you please tell me how many items Courier Post has both lost and not delivered for the year 2016?

Why can only the sender make a claim when it was lost due to Courier Post error?

Will my tracking number to my lost item stay active on the Courier Post and NZ Post website? And for how long if so?

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to reading the answers.

Yours faithfully,

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From: Miss Robinson

Dear Express Couriers Limited,

After a very long wait, I finally received my parcel yesterday (09/02/2017) on the package the sticker for processing was the 21/12/2016. I believe what may of caused the delay was that the wrapping was a white plastic bag, added to that a white Courier Post sticker that would have made it harder to see.

My two games had damage to the outer plastic cases however the games were not broken so I am grateful for this. I did not think it necessary to ring about the outsides being smashed as I am happy that I finally received them. I know now not to use your service again and that is enough for me.

I had been ringing Courier Post ever since the due delivery date and there were some really helpful people in the contact center. I understand that it was a very busy holiday and the team there were going on breaks. I did get 4 different investigators and as of 2 weeks ago the sender said they had not gotten very far with the investigation. I think one of the things I should have asked is how long it actually takes? The sender provided everything yet was still waiting for it to be completed. If my parcel had not turned up I wonder how much longer it would have taken to remedy.

Aside from all this I am glad that it is finally over. Please disregard my previous request.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Robinson

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