Student Loan Arrests

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From: robert mckenzie

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

I am writing in regard to the three arrests made under the Student Loan Scheme Amendment Act 2014.

According to media reports there have been three arrests so far, the first being Ngatokotoru Puna ( strangely who just happens to be the nephew of Cook Island PM ).

The last two arrests no details given were other than one was "a woman" and the other "a man". The reason their details were not provided were "taxpayer secrecy prevented the release of more details" according to media reports.

Why were Mr Puna's details given? Why was his case not covered by taxpayer secrecy laws?

Something doesn't sit right with me.

Yours faithfully,

Robert McKenzie

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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department

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Good afternoon,


Please find attached an acknowledgement of your recent Official
Information Act request.


Sent on behalf of Manager Commissioner’s Correspondence


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email / attachment, and notify the sender. Please do not copy, disclose or
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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department

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Good afternoon Mr McKenzie

Please find attached Inland Revenue's response to your recent information request.



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