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From: Cody C

Dear Tertiary Education Commission,

I am requesting information regarding the (former) Direct Funding Scheme (DFS) in accordance with the Official Information Act 1982. It is of high interest to the public for this information to be available, so I ask that this request is processed expeditiously and not within the usual 20-business days timeframe.

For the purposes of the Act, I am a New Zealand citizen and residing in New Zealand at the time of making this request. You generally have 20 working days to respond to this notice, as required by law. Your response will be published publicly on the website.

--- request begins ---

Specifically I would like to know (for each employer in the scheme):

* Name of employer (i.e. Employer McEmployerface Ltd)
* Programme delivered (i.e. Workplace Literacy or Nat.Cert. Computing L2)
* Total enrolled vs. completed students (i.e. 125/500)
* Pass rate of students (i.e. 25%)
* Total funding paid to the employer for the DFS programme

Additionally, considering that this is one of the first instances where employers were compensated directly for participation in the scheme it may be assumed that there is a potential for fraud to occur.

* What steps were taken to avoid fraud occuring in the programme?

* Were any employers "investigated" during the programme (for instance, employers cannot claim funding through the fund for recognised prior learning or they achieved a very high pass rate, i.e. >80%)? If so; which employer, for what reason and what steps were taken as a result (i.e. monies recovered)?

* How can a member of the public report possible fraud with the Direct Funding Scheme should they become aware of it?

--- request ends ---

Yours faithfully,

Cody C

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From: TEC Sector Helpdesk
Tertiary Education Commission

Thank you for contacting the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) – Sector


The following case number CAS-170911-G96H  has been allocated to your
email.  Should you wish to contact us regarding this query, either reply
to this email or call the Sector Helpdesk on 0800 601 301 and quote the
case number provided.


We aim to respond to your email by 5:00pm on the next business day
following receipt.


Our hours of business are: 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding
public holidays).


TEC Sector Helpdesk

Operations Directorate
Phone: 0800 601 301

E [1][email address]

PO Box 27-048, Wellington 6141, New Zealand

This email is only intended to be read by the named recipient.  It may
contain information which is confidential, proprietary or the subject of
legal privilege.  If you are not the intended recipient you must delete
this email and may not use any information contained in it.  Legal
privilege is not waived because you have read this email.


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From: Hugh McIlraith
Tertiary Education Commission

Attachment Response to Official Information Act Request.pdf
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Dear Cody C, I have attached a copy of the Tertiary Education Commission’s
response to your Official Information Act request.





Hugh McIlraith



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