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From: Fluid Industries Ltd

Dear Whangarei District Council,

I am looking to do a detailed analysis of public parking locations (including accessible parking) relative to business premises and public amenities. I recall that the RAMS database includes the locations of all kerb side parking as well as off-street public car parks. I am also interested in the current maximum time limit for each of the parking spaces, and they hourly rates (parking zones) that relate to each parking area.

May I please have the latest ESRI Shape Files (*.shp) for all public parking assets within the extent of the Whangarei Urban area (including suburbs such as Kamo, Onerahi, Tikipunga etc), and any other relevant parking zone information that will help with the analysis I have described above. In locations where individual parking spaces are not identified, can I please have the data that describes the number of available spaces in each public parking area.

Kind regards

Nick Williamson
Fluid Industries Ltd

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From: Mail Room
Whangarei District Council

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From: Patu McGee
Whangarei District Council

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Good Morning Nick,

I have spoken to the relevant departments regarding the information you
are requesting.


RAMM Information

Our RAMM Specialist, has confirmed there is very limited information on
RAMM regarding parking and he can not provide any shape file or
geo-referenced database at all as he doesn’t have this info in these
formats. On RAMM, the only information they have is number of off-street
parking spaces owned by the Roading department


Roading Information

The Roading Department has provided the spreadsheet attached containing
the parking zones/areas


GIS Information

We do have some spatial information on car parking, however this is 6
years old.

If you like I can send this information to you under your original




Patu McGee

Data Specialist | Whangarei District Council

Private Bag 9023 | Whangarei 0148 | [1]

P:+64 9 430 4200 | E: [2][email address]


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