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From: Dr Robert Shaw

Dear Stratford District Council,
I am standing for a council and hence have been meeting people. Often it is said your
councillors drink an unreasonable amount of alcohol on council premises. As someone who strongly supports local government I am sure you would appreciate an opportunity to address this perception.
What are your policies re the provision of meals and alcoholic drinks for elected persons?
For each of the three completed financial years, what is the total cost of alcoholic beverages purchased for elected persons? How many councillors are there at your council?

Yours faithfully,

Dr Robert Shaw

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From: Erin Bishop
Stratford District Council

Hi Robert,

In response to your questions below I wish to confirm that Stratford District Council has had the following annual spends on alcohol in association with Elected Members. We have 11 Councillors (including the District Mayor) and budgets are not calculated on a per person spend.

2016 $558.77
2015 $1,238.04
2014 $1,469.90

There is no policy regarding meals and beverages for elected members on Council premises.

Erin Bishop | Executive Administration Officer
PO Box 320, Stratford 4352
t (06) 765 6099 ext: 640 | f (06) 765 7500

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