Impact of gender neutral bathrooms

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From: C Bremer

Dear Victoria University of Wellington,

Kia ora,
Students at Otago University are hoping to campaign for gender neutral bathrooms to be provided on campus. As Victoria has these already, I would like to know how these have been received.
Are students generally pro or anti having them present? Have incidences of violence increased or decreased at all? Do gender diverse students report feeling safer and more included? Do binary students feel comfortable having the bathrooms present and/or using them themselves?
What were the costs involved? If you currently had no neutral bathrooms, would you strive to provide some given your experiences?

Thanks in advance

Yours faithfully,

C Bremer

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Victoria University of Wellington

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Good afternoon,

Please find attached Victoria's response to your OIA response.

Kind regards

Brigid Quirke
Law Clerk
Victoria University of Wellington
Phone: +64-4-463 5906
Room 214, Hunter Building
Gate 2, Kelburn Parade
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140

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