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JustSpeak made this Official Information request to Kāinga Ora–Homes and Communities

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Kāinga Ora–Homes and Communities should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: JustSpeak

Dear Housing New Zealand Corporation,

I am writing to ask about your policies relating to bailing offenders and allowing offenders to serve community based sentences at Housing New Zealand properties. Specifically, I would like to know:

1. What is your procedure/policy when asked by Police, Corrections, Probation, the Ministry of Social Development or the Courts to comment on whether an offender should be granted bail or allowed to service a community sentence (Community or Home Detention) in a Housing New Zealand property? Please provide any policy documents, briefings and templates that you have in relation to this. It would also be great if you could give a run down of who makes the decisions (is it a head office decision or made regionally etc) and describe the process the decision maker needs to go through.

2. Do you have an informal or formal relationship with Police, Corrections, Probation, the Ministry of Social Development and/or the District or High Court in relation to bailing offenders to Housing New Zealand Properties and/or allowing them to serve community based sentences from Housing New Zealand properties? Please provide any memorandums of understanding or evidence of other formal or informal arrangements with the above organisations on this issue.

Yours faithfully,

Hannah Gabriel


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Ti Lamusse left an annotation ()

Has JustSpeak heard anything more about this? This is a very important OIA.

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