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From: Daniel (Account suspended)

Dear Prime Minister,

Firstly, I wish to thank you for your time in looking at this letter, I understand you have a very busy life but I want to know where my tax payer money is going in regards to your phone and golf lessons and I want information so I can draw my own decisions if your spending can be used on alternatives to save tax payer money.

My questions are as follows:
What phones have you had over the past few electoral terms which you have been Prime Minister. (Specifically, what were / are their models, storage capacity, colour, where were the phone's purchased and for what amount?)

Do you download any games or unnecessary Applications on to your Government issued phone that use "Storage Data" that could be deleted to use a smaller storage capacity phone that is cheaper?

What are those games and your high scores? (A larger high score uses more storage in the phone and if you play less and have a smaller high score you can purchase a cheaper phone)

Will the Office of the Prime Minister be offering the Rt Hon John Key a Rose Gold colour iPhone 6s for a preference when he changes his phone? See link attached for Rose Gold Colour they have been known to have shorter battery life, and could potentially require Mr Key to charge his phone more, wasting Tax Payer money.

Does the Prime Minister use Tax Payer money for golfing lessons?

Yours faithfully,

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From: J Key (MIN)
Prime Minister

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key, thank you for your
email.  The fact that you have taken the time to write is appreciated. 


While the Prime Minister considers all correspondence to be important, if
you are writing to express a personal view, your opinion will be noted but
a response beyond this acknowledgement may not necessarily be sent.


Yours sincerely

The Office of the Prime Minister



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From: Sarah Boyle

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