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Mr M J Edmonds made this Official Information request to Ministry of Education

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From: Mr M J Edmonds

Dear Ministry of Education,

A speaker (in the social services sector) at the local business association told the audience that the Ministry of Education had informed her that it was illegal for a shop to serve a truant person.

You can understand that the business owners would like to know for certain.

Can you please tell me whether this is the case, and provide me with a reference to legislation (or provide any other document) if it is.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M J Edmonds

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From: Enquiries National
Ministry of Education

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From: Leo Trompetter
Ministry of Education

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Kia ora Mr MJ Edmonds


Your email of 9 March 2016 has been provided to me for a reply. 


The issue you raise is an interesting one.  I would really value us having
a conversation about this.  There is no black and white answer.  It would
be great to have a conversation with you about this – are you able to
provide me your phone contact details, a suitable time to call, and then
we can discuss?


Your request for information about this matter, does not meet the criteria
for it being an Official Information Act request.  Hence my suggestion
that we have a conversation.


Look forward to hearing from you.




Leo Trompetter | Lead Advisor, Student Support | Sector Enablement and
DDI +64 4 463 8257  Ext 48257 | Mobile +64 27 8365 194
45-47 Pipitea St, Wellington

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From: Mr M J Edmonds

Dear Leo Trompetter,

Thanks for the phone call and I am happy that my question has been answered

Yours sincerely,

Mr M J Edmonds

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Mr M J Edmonds left an annotation ()

Leo said that there was no such legislation.

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