Coromandel Scallop Fishery

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From: Graham Carter

Dear Ministry for Primary Industries,

Coromandel Scallops (SCA CS): Total Allowable Catch Review Final Advice - April 2013

Figure 1 shows the Quota Management area for the Coromandel Scallop Fishery

91 There is a strong recreational interest in this scallop fishery. The recreational and commercial fisheries are, largely, spatially separate with much of the near shore area closed to commercial scallop fishing (refer figure 1). Recreationally, scallops are usually taken by diving, using snorkel or scuba, although small dredges are also used.

The Coromandel Scallop Review April 2013 mentions in Para 91 that the area in the near shore line is closed to commercial scallop fishing.

According to the map in Figure 1 this area appears to be inside the line of islands.

Is there any form of formal document detailing the exact closed area for Commercial Scallop Fishing?

Can we be given a copy of this document?

Commercial Scallop operators when fishing outside the closed area, regularly anchor inside the shelter of the islands during the hours of darkness and before they start fishing the next day. While they are anchored inside the closed area they anchor using their scallop dredge as an anchor. When they start fishing the next day they simple pull away dragging the dredge from inside the closed area.

This is extremely difficult to photograph and record other than the dredge marks left in the sand at the various anchoring points.

Is this practice illegal?

Are the MPI Fisheries aware of this practice?

What do they propose to do to stop this practice of Commercial Scallop Boats anchoring using the dredge and towing away with the dredge in the restricted areas?

Are there any Rules, Special Rules or Agreements relating to Coromandel scallops Commercial and Recreational scallop area relating to this behaviour?

Yours faithfully,
Graham Carter

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From: Brett Wilson
Ministry for Primary Industries

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Hi Graham


On behalf of Dave Turner, Director Fisheries Management, Ministry for
Primary Industries, please find attached MPI’s response to your Official
Information Act request of 3 September 2015 relating to commercial scallop



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