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Blake Bedford-Palmer made this Official Information request to Television New Zealand Limited

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From: Blake Bedford-Palmer

Dear Television New Zealand Limited,

Recently, You, Sky, and Mediaworks complained about ISP's offering global mode, a service that allows people to pay for content from overseas, rather than local providers. It is the online equivalent of parallel importing

You and the other media companies claimed global mode is illegal,

Under which New Zealand law is global mode illegal?

I ask this because you are showing ads for New Zealand Post's YouShop service which is essentially the same thing as Global Mode, except for physical items.

I don't see how you can support YouShop and not support Global Mode
Yours faithfully,

Blake Bedford-Palmer

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From: Joy Savage
Television New Zealand Limited

Hi.  I'm absent from the office, returning early August. Please contact
Brent McAnulty ([email address]), ph 916 7935 or Hannah
Gillespie ([email address]), ph 916 6876 if you require
assistance.  Thanks, Joy. 



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From: Brent McAnulty
Television New Zealand Limited

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Dear Mr Bedford-Palmer


I refer to your email of 19 July 2015 requesting information concerning
the legal action against the developers and providers of Global Mode.


The legal action sought the Court's position on principles of copyright
which are markedly different to those for the parallel importation of
goods.  The law relied upon in the plaintiffs' claim was the Copyright Act
1994 (in particular, copyright infringement and authorising copyright
infringement) and the Fair Trading Act 1986 (misleading and deceptive
conduct by representing to the public that circumventing copyright was


As you are aware the matter was settled between all parties.


Yours sincerely


Brent McAnulty



Brent McAnulty
General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director
D. +64 9 916 7935  M. +64 27 226 4913  W. [1]



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