Duties of estate administrator/executor

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From: L.K.Barber

Dear Ministry of Justice,
For the years1985-1995

1/ I understand that the executor of an estate must file two tax returns, one on behalf of the deceased for earnings prior to death & another on behalf of the estate for any income accrued after death. Is this correct?

2/ From whom else might an executor commonly need to request income details from, in order to perform the tax tasks, when an estate has no significant financial interests other than life insurance, joint family home, personal vehicles, basic bank accounts etc.?

3/ Under what legislation does an executor/administrator act?

4/ Under what circumstances may an executor fail/deny to/the supply of information, when requested to do so by a state entity, if that information is available & not breaching privacy laws?

5/ Is an estate executor/administrator bound by any privacy laws or particular legal privilege i.e lawyer-client, doctor-patient ?
If so what & why?

6/ Has the legislation governing administrators/executors changed substantially or significantly during the past 30 years?

Yours faithfully,

L K Barber

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From: L.K.Barber

Dear Ministry of Justice,
I have not as yet received a response for my previous request regarding the duties of estate administrators. With the greatest of respect, could you please respond?

Yours faithfully,


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From: Paltridge, Antony
Ministry of Justice

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Dear L K Barber


Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request.






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